New Rules for Love in 2019

State of the Uterus 2017
December 22, 2017

New Rules for Love in 2019


  • There are no rules
    • Everyone wants to tell you your rules. Their rules are not yours to own.
    • They do not have your experience; your sexual trauma; your faith beliefs; your sexual desires and attractions; your needs. Other peoples rules do not apply to you
  • If its great…great! shut up
    • Folks we are sharing way too much of our intimate lives
    •  Keep the good stuff near and dear to your heart
    • Share less, keep more
    • Protect yourself
      • Folks are still not being safe.
    • If you have not established a monogamous relationship, demand safe practices always
    • Share your doctor. Visit your doctor together
    • It will bring you closer
    • It’s a way to create full disclosure
    • Get beyond the fear
    • Practice makes healthy
  1. Stop stigmatizing people with STI/STD’s
    • Most of you pretend as if you have never had an STI
    • Most STI’s are treatable
    • Don’t blame victims for the people who lied to them
    • Treat STD/STI’s like a disability and we can truly minimize these pandemics
    • Plenty of people with HIV/Herpes/ Syphilis have healthy relationships
  2. If you don’t want monogamy, stop pretending like you do.
    • If you want monogamy you must have a discussion about it
    • Stop assuming because people love you they are monogamous
    • Don’t be afraid to ask
  3. There is no hierarchy between married and single women.
    • Dear married women, being married does not make you more desirable or better than single women. In fact, many married women suffer in silence a lot more than single women, so stop it!
  4. Men stop labeling women as whores, especially when you can’t keep track of how many lovers you have had.
    • Stop with the sex shaming
    • It makes you an asshole
    • It comes form a place of fragility
  5. Stop shaming people for their sexuality
    • Who they love has no impact on you whatsoever
    • Being gay is not a way to emasculate men. News flash there is no master plan
  6. Self Love
    • Love yourself a little more each day
    • Don’t expect this to be easy
    • Find something about yourself to be thankful for
    • What is your super power(s)?
    • Find something to do that demonstrates your love for yourself
    • Add love to your self-diet
    • Diet on the imposter syndrome


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  1. Awesome post! Keep up the great work! 🙂

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