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Are you looking for a way to improve the work you do around topics of sex and sexuality? LIBIDO TALK can help! Our sessions are designed for all demographics and age groups who seek to refine, refresh or acquire new understandings and advocacy skills around sexual health and emotional intelligence.

We understand there are social determinants that create high-risk prevalence among the African-American community. But what are parents, politicians, schools and communities doing about it? Not nearly enough.

While many programs do great outreach work, too many under value sexual health. Yet sexual health is one of the most pivotal and oppositional components of our livelihoods.

LIBIDO TALK offers a life skills training program that teaches about real world sex health issues (not limited to but) with a focus on the Pan-African-American community. To ensure that we are teaching the most effective and meaningful information, we continuously evaluate our content, current social trends and practices. We then conduct research to validate or revise our curriculum.  


We ensure that each participant retains the knowledge by offering ongoing follow-ups and Libido Talk post training – check-ins. In LIBIDO TALK sessions, participants learn critical, life-lasting skills in person, including:

Cultural and sexual competency

Understanding Sexuality

We help participants understand the connection and distinctions of culture and ethnicity and explore how these perceptions impact our understanding of sexuality.


Effective self advocacy

Negotiate Needs

Learn how to negotiate your needs in this session. Lets talk about consent. Are you going with the flow or are you getting what you need? Lets give you a stronger happier voice.


What Type of Education Workshops Can LIBIDO TALK Assist You With?